Submitted this to Cute Overload for Mr Bristow:

Cute kitten.

Quantum was about 8 weeks old when this was taken (she's now nearly four years old) and her tail stump was still bare.  (Short version of the cat story:  Owner drives over kitten tail, tail has to be amputated, owner doesn't want kitten sans tail, friend in veterinarian office saves kitten and gives her to us as a housewarming cat).  The requirements for cat #2 (Tangle) were "orange, with a tail." He turned up in an abandoned litter in a barn, found by the same veterinarian.

Cat naming note:

Cat #1 is called Quantum.  Cat #2 is called Tangle Mint (Tangle for short).  Quantum entanglement is what happens when they curl up together.  This is why you shouldn't let the physics grad name the animals.

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