Spinning FO: Spindle Spun Silk

I've been spinning a silk hankie on my spindle.  It's a lot of fun, even when I get snared by stray silk threads.  You pull off layer after layer and there's still more.  A lot more.  Plied most of what I'd spun, though I lost some in a tangled glob possibly due to the ballwinder. Maybe I'll try proper Andean plying next time.  My plan was to make a small cloth for cleaning my glasses, something I could casually pull out of my handbag and say "Oh this?  It's silk, I spun it myself."  I'm not much of a silk person.  Cotton and denim mostly, but this is something special:

Knitted silk.

2 ply silk of varying thickness, knit on size 5 needles with a moss stitch border, roughly five inches square.  A little more to spin and it's finished.  I am ridiculously pleased with this.  It's soft, shiny, a little bumpy, and the colours are wonderful, especially the green.  I had no idea there would be so much leftover though, what else can I make with this?

Update 4:40pm

Andean plying rocks!  Used these instructions and plied every last bit of what I'd spun, no waste at all.  The singles stuck together, so I had to stop and untangle a few times.  I think it's enought to finish the cloth.

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