Cats and a blanket

The cute kitten turned into a lean 15 pound cat who behaves like a dog (plays fetch, and comes when called, but without the drooling).  Quantum will greet strangers, but prefers people she knows to sit on.  Tangle runs from strangers, friends, everyone but Hubby and me.  The two cats get on well, so the story has a happy ending.  They were curled up on the sofa together for this picture, shortly before Quantum slid off:

Two grown up cats.

Finished another strip of the leftovers blanket, but since this one is going in last, it is strip seven, not strip five.

blanket strip seven.

Classic Elite Bazic Wool, superwash and very warm.  Found a knot in the purple, the first one in five balls.  Two more strips and it'll be finished.  Another pair of socks is starting this week (Fortissima Mexiko), I'm about done with plain colour knitting.  Also starting is a scarf in SWTC Karaoke, a soy silk and wool blend, another self-striping yarn.  I got the rainbow colour which is yellow, green, orange, turquoise, navy, purple, pink and red, all at once.

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