Contacts to correct vision

Smart lenses to halt short sight

Scientists have designed special contact lenses that could help make short-sightedness a thing of the past.  The custom-made lenses are intended to correct problems with focusing which eye experts blame for progressive short vision, or myopia.  A team at Anglia Polytechnic University will test whether the lenses can prevent people's myopia getting worse.  The ultimate aim is to give myopia-prone children the lenses to wear from the age of five.  This should stop them encountering any short-sightedness later on and eye diseases linked with myopia, such as cataracts and glaucoma.  Short-sightedness is caused by the inability of the muscles in the eye to flatten the lens enough to focus light from distant objects directly on to the retina.

I'm short-sighted and married to someone who's short-sighted.  Hope this works out.

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