About the sock yarn

Wow!  Thirty seven comments in just one day!  Thanks Norma, much obliged.  I'll mail to Canada too, sorry for excluding the Canadians unfairly.  On Friday night I'll pick the winner out of my colander (Friday's the first free night this week).

The sad story of the yarn is this:  Flushed with the not-disaster of my first ever pair of socks, I went out and bought this yarn, thinking it would be gorgeous knit up.  It sat in my stash closet for a long time, and finally I attempted to turn it into a toe up pair, starting with a small square and picking up stitches around the square.  Strike #1, I couldn't get the picked up stitches to look decent, and abandoned the sock.

Last week I tried to make the Mermaid socks from Lucy Neatby's "Cool socks, warm feet" book, and the wavy cuff just looked wrong.  It looked wrong and it felt wrong, and I ripped it out to make a swatch for another sock, a simpler sock.  Sock #3 was going well until I rounded the toe and found a hole.  Not even a big hole, but I'd had enough grief from this yarn and decided that as discretion is the better part of valour, so cowardice and denial is the better part of discretion, and valiantly decided to give the sock yarn to someone more worthy.

Fickle creature that I am, I'm already eyeing up sock yarn in the Patternworks catalog...

I've made three pairs of fingering weight socks before, but this yarn just hates me.

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