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Thank you for all the comments, the sock yarn was mailed out to the winner on Monday 18th April.

I was going out of town this weekend, and I wanted to start a pair of socks to take with me.  I pulled the best sock yarn I own out of the stash thinking "maybe this time it will work."  It's Fortissima Colori (colour 9074, Cabana).  I've tried to make socks with it before and ripped it out.  I tried twice this weekend and neither time worked.  There is only one conclusion:  The yarn hates me.  It rejected my best bamboo needles.  It doesn't want to be my socks and it wants to leave.  Rather than inflict further trauma on it, I'm offering the two balls to some experienced sock knitter, someone who has knit a few pairs of fingering weight socks and may be able to tame the yarn.

Yarn for trade.

Leave a comment if you're interested.  If I get multiple comments, I'll do some kind of random drawing.  I have knit two small swatches out of one ball, but that's all I've used, the other ball is untouched.  I'll mail it anywhere in the US.  Just promise you'll email me a picture of the socks it becomes.  I know they'll be lovely to behold.

(Note, 12th April

All comments land in moderation right now, unless you've commented since I did the WordPress upgrade, so don't worry if you don't see your comment on the post.)

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