Climbing Everest

That big project I mentioned last post?  Hubby suggested I knit a cardigan.  It's been years since I knit something of that magnitude, and there's the small matter of the Eternal Sweater still hanging around (13 years in, half a sleeve to go).  We looked at patterns on Ravelry and found it.

Eris.  The Greek goddess of discord and strife, also the name of the largest dwarf planet in the Solar System.

Completed Eris cardigan.

Eris is a gorgeous zip-front cardigan with cables and raglan sleeves.  You knit the yoke first, then pick up stitches and head towards raglan sleeves and a cabled hem.  I've never installed a zip before and the pattern is flagged as "experienced", so that's a mite daunting.  I have searched the pattern for all occurrences of the word "graft" and found only one, and that can be avoided, so I feel better about my chances.  Going to order the yarn this weekend, then I'm committed.

(Official photo used by permission)

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