FO: Vinnland Hill socks

Vinnland Hill socks.

Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Solids

Pattern: Vinnland with Sherman heel and toe, and decrease cast off

Duration: 15th February to March 20th 2008.

Dark yarn when the skies are grey does not brighten my mood, but it wasn't my place to choose for this pair.  The pattern is very stretchy, there are two increases and decreases in every pattern row.  These are going to Janice's sister, Elaine, who is recovering from a stroke.  Janice got the Anime Hedgerows last year and asked if I could make something for her sister.

I found six splices in the yarn, which is about four too many in my opinion.  When I emailed Cherry Tree Hill about this, they offered to give the store a credit so I could get a fresh skein, so kudos to Cherry Tree Hill for putting it right.

I've gone back to the Pirate Mittens for travel knitting and the cuff of mitten #2 is finally done.  I flipped the colours for the second one by repeating the mistake I made on the first to see which looks better.  But I'm torn between finishing the Pirates, casting on a pair of summer socks with the Maizy yarn I just picked up, this adorable bunny with a hoodie, and taking the plunge to order the yarn for a big project...  Which will she choose?  Tune in next week for the next exciting episode!

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