A Challenger to Quantum Theory

New Scientist: Quantum randomness may not be random.

At its deepest level, nature is random and unpredictable. That, most physicists would say, is the unavoidable lesson of quantum theory. Try to track the location of an electron and you'll find only a probability that it is here or there. Measure the spin of an atom and all you get is a 50:50 chance that it is up or down. Watch a photon hit a glass plate and it will either pass through or be reflected, but it's impossible to know which without measuring it.

The full article is subscriber-only (thanks Hubby!) and a bit technical, but in a nutshell, there is a deterministic theory that could challenge quantum mechanics, based on work by physicist David Bohm in the 1950s.  Better yet, it may be experimentally possible to compare the Bohm interpretation and quantum mechanics.  Exciting stuff!

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