Chocolate and vanilla

I'm spinning about two feet of Jacob each session (one of each colour) and this stuff is fun!  It's going to be self-striping three-ply yarn, hopefully around sport weight.  The roving smells a little sheepy and it's very easy to spin, I love the way it was bundled up in a ball with brown and white side by side.  I'm looking forward to the plying part for once because the colours will stay distinct.

Jacob singles and coins.

I have a handspun silk cloth for cleaning my glasses that I love (and silk cleans glasses very well), but I haven't touched the rest of my handspun. There are five good skeins I could use but if I knit with them, does that make it just yarn?  Rox is making mittens from some of my handspun merino, which I can't wait to see.  (Maybe in May?   :-D   )  It's always a pleasant surprise when the yarn turns out halfway OK.  I'm getting better, especially in the plying.

Quantum and roving.

Quantum nearly put her face into the moving flyer to get to the roving.  I have visions of a cat sticking its head through the hole in my Louet wheel and getting decapitated when I start spinning.  I know it would be Tangle, the little 'fraidy cat.  Every time I spin, I check that hole...

(Also, spinning wheel oil is great for creaky door hinges.)

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