FO: The Hooded Bun

Yarn for my Eris cardigan will take a week or so to arrive, so I made a bunny with a hoodie.

Bunny parts.

Pattern: Fuzzy Mitten Bunny with Hoodie

Yarn: Morehouse Merino 3-ply and Reynolds Odyssey

Duration: 31st March to 4th April

The Fuzzy Mitten pattern is great.  I couldn't see how the leg was going to work, then it just popped and I had a cute bunny foot on a chubby leg ready for stuffing.  The hoodie looks wonderful, and I found two black buttons in my button tin for eyes.  I've been carrying around bunny parts in my knitting bag, it's a tad disconcerting.

I have the Fuzzy Mitten Polar bear with cardigan pattern too.  Maybe that would be a good lead-in for my Eris cardigan...

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