Civic duties

On Thursday I finished my Vintage Velvet scarf in the waiting room of the Federal building downtown.  The place has an airport security scanner that let through both my metal circular needle and wooden double point needles.  It also has several chirpy security guys who are always helpful and point you in the right direction.

The scarf has taken way longer than it should because I've been using my lunchtime knitting time to revise for the US citizenship test.  Hubby and I went down for our interviews yesterday and both passed, we could be sworn in as citizens on the 4th of July!  We came to this country in May 1998 and we love it here.  The security guys congratulated us on the way out, and we celebrated with a late lunch at the St Louis Hard Rock cafe.

The citizenship process has taken up a lot of thought and time the last few months, between gathering the documents, filing, fingerprinting, and studying.  We're not citizens yet, but we've passed the final hurdle.

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