State of the Union

NaNoWriMo has proved I work better with goals and a deadlines.  I'm looking at the state of my knitting, spinning, and writing for the next few days and thinking about what goals I want to achieve.

Passing the citizenship test was a huge personal goal, thank you for all of your kind comments.  Everyone's been so supportive about us becoming citizens.  I never thought I'd be looking forward to voting!  We will be losing our "Get out of Jury Duty Free" card though.  I haven't been called yet, but Hubby's been called three times.

Getting my karate orange belt was another big goal.  We're working on sparring now, and learning techniques and katas for the purple belt.  I have a set of pads (helmet, gloves, shin guards, and boots) to spar in that are plastic and get hot and uncomfortable, but feel a whole lot better than getting hit in the head.  It would be great if I could get my purple belt by the end of the year.

State of the Knit coming up in the next post.

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