Architectural Lego

Wired: Frank Lloyd  Wright Lego Sets

Brick by brick, Lego has been building its way out of the near bankruptcy it suffered around the turn  of the century.  It has done this by a seemingly simple strategy - making awesome product after awesome  product.  Now it is releasing the almost ridiculously fitting Architecture series, beginning with the Frank Lloyd Wright Collection, six planned sets  including the Guggenheim in New York and Fallingwater, the iconic cantilevered waterfall-house outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Want!  Found some old Bionicle sets while house cleaning last week.  I used to spend hours with the  bucket of Lego as a kid making houses and castles, and those were the regular blocks, none of these  fancy shaped pieces.  There's a Lego store in Schaumberg IL in the mall near the IKEA store.  It's one of those confusing  multi-level malls with a level 1, level 2, and a mid level, and none of it is clearly marked as to what level you're on.  I get lost inside it every time (the mall, not the Lego store).

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