Spent some time working on more chainmail.  Since I have smaller wrists, the only bracelets that will fit me are ones I make myself.  Used two new chainmail weaves to make these two, first is Japanese Lace:

Japanese Lace with double hook clasps.

This is a very time-consuming design, but fantastic to wear, it feels smooth and slippery and it rattles ever so slightly when you move your wrist.  It's also very flexible, it rolls up into a small roll.  I closed it with a pair of sterling hook clasps and made it only slightly longer around than my wrist.  I also made a hexagon of Japanese lace using rubber rings as the larger ring and it's fantastic as a flat stress ball, or possibly a waterproof coaster.  It's one of those desktop things you can pick up and fiddle with.

The other new creation is a bracelet using the Full Persian 6-in-1 weave, using anodized aluminium with a sterling hook clasp:

Full Persian bracelet

This one is a little more chunky than I was expecting, more so in contrast to the very flat Japanese Lace, but I love the bronze/caramel colour of the rings.  It's a fiddly weave to start, but I like the finished look.

I've made all the weaves from my Basic Chainmail book now, and a couple from the Advanced Chainmail book.  I have a few more designs I want to learn and lots more things to make.

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