Boozy shrew

BBC News: Small shrew is heavyweight boozer.

A tiny tree-shrew that lives on alcoholic nectar could - pound for pound - drink the average human under the table, scientists have discovered.  Malaysia's pen-tailed tree-shrew waits until nightfall to binge on fermented nectar from the bertam palm.  Despite the shrews' small size, they are no lightweights when it comes to their alcohol intake.  Nectar from the flower buds of the bertam palm is fermented to a maximum alcohol content of up to 3.8%.  Each bud is a miniature brewery, containing a yeast community that turns the nectar into a frothy beer-like beverage.  Yet the animals, which are about the size of a small rat, do not seem to get drunk at all, researchers say.

And they're cute little things too!  Long thin tails with a big tuft of fur on the end.  They have serious alcohol tolerance.

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