Tortoise and Hare

Last knitting morning I got Eris to the start of the waist shaping and the end of the third skein of yarn.  The pattern says I only need eight skeins, but I have two in reserve just in case.  I'm using the cabled waist shaping to match the raglan increases.  It's getting heavy and unwieldy for lunchtime knitting but I want to keep up the momentum.  My deadline is October 31st, so I can wear it for National Novel Writing Month.  For reasons I can't fathom, the yarn colour is called "Sparrow".  Anyone seen a green sparrow lately?

Eris and socks.

Finished one Honeycomb Diamond sock while I was off work and it fits.  The toe is neither too pointy nor too wide, I hit the Goldilocks point at 12 stitches and it's just right.  Knitting on US0 needles makes for a thinner sock and the fabric feels silky.  It was ten repeats of the diamond rib pattern for the foot, ten for the cuff, then ten plain rows for the rolled top, I like the symmetry.  Used a Sherman heel and a rolled top, casting off with a size US1 needle and the k2tog tbl cast off.  The Mama Blue BFL sock yarn is a little splitty if you're not paying attention but I love the colour.  Also, if you finish a project in Mama Blue yarn, she gives you $5 off your next purchase.

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