Limping over the finish line

The Tour de Fleece is over.  I didn't get as much done as I'd hoped, but having surgery partway through will do that for you.  I did finish a mini-skein of Navajo-plied, spindle spun, Wensleydale yarn that I'm pleased with.  I took three rest days instead of two, so I'm giving myself the red jersey of the "Prix de la Combativité", I tried hard and almost made it, but not quite.

red jersey.

Thursday 24th July

Did some more alpaca, but I think I've done enough spindle spinning, left index finger feels prickly.  Switched to the wheel and spun the Cormo for a bit.

Friday 25th July

The wonderful thing about Tiggers being ambidextrous is you can just put the fibre in the other hand...  Stitches out, more alpaca on the spindle, it's a good day.

Saturday 26th July

Lazy start to the day, but no spinning.  Rest day.

Sunday 27th July

Some afternoon alpaca spinning, and we're over the finish line.  See that gorgeous grey?

Tour De Fleece 2008 completed.

I'm definitely doing this again next year.

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