You know those crappy weeks when life sucks and your homegroup has ended and the birthday socks you were planning clearly won't be done in time and it's storming rain outside and your car hasn't dried out from Monday when you inadvertently left the windows open during the first storm and it feels like you've been driving a portable swamp all week?  That's me.  But things have got  better now.

Wednesday night I ordered a wool/hemp/mohair yarn from DZined, and it was mailed on Thursday.  DZined is lovely to deal with, a real person answered the phone, she scanned a skein and uploaded it on the spot as my preferred colour was sold out, and it's a beauty, greens, grey, and a snippet of orange, destined to be a pair of socks and hopefully a small drawstring bag too.  Go buy some yarn!  Hope likes it, Bonne Marie likes it (April 17th entry) too.

The Bryspun double points I ordered from Needles! came Thursday night, they will be wonderful to work with, and won't poke holes in my hands.  The reason for all this fibre-related indulgence was some overtime I had to do, which was missed off my last paycheck and paid on Thursday, along with some overtime from that paycheck.  Needles! ships jolly fast, and I'm impressed with them.

Then there's Friday.  Friday takes the cake, ices it, and serves it on a nice china plate (not silver, that metal-on-metal sound bugs my sister as much as the ice-on-ice sound bugs me) with a mug of hot tea.

Courtesy of Mark I now have a shiny new Gmail account.  He's had one for a while and periodically gets invites to give to whom he chooses.  After the last time he mentioned it, I'm a tad surprised he offered another one, but happy, as he gave it to me.  For the record, I didn't ask for it in blog comments, I sent an email.

But here's the best part of Friday:  I won Jillz's August contest!  How awesome!  She will be sending out a mystery yarn parcel and I can't wait to see those magic words "Royal Mail" again.  I know the Keyhole jumper (I cannot call it a sweater now!) will look fabulous on her.  Thank you so much Jillz, you made my month!

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