My homegroup met for the last time on 18th August.  I'm temporarily homegroup homeless and I don't know where to go.  Hubby is starting a group in September with some cool people and I think I'll it out, but I don't know if that's where I'll settle.  I like women-only groups.  I like to study the bible, not some sappy stream-of-consciousness book (sorry Rachel, I still can't stand Allure of Hope, but Messy Spirituality would be great).

Homegroups at my church are built on the following elements: study, prayer, worship, and snacks.  There is only time for three of those, and worship is often the one to go.  Personally I dislike worship in homegroups.  I chose to play flute partly so I'd never have to sing again, barring in-car performances, and worship-by-Sony makes me uncomfortable.  But snack time is essential.  There is an unwritten church law that states "Whenever two or three are gathered in His name, there will be snacks also."  If it's a women's group, chocolate will feature.  It's more than food, it's relationship time, bonding time, relaxation time.

The other two elements take up the most time.  Some kind of study, and prayer, which includes time for everyone to give their personal State Of The [insert name here] address.  That part can take ages, I liked Roxanne's five minute sharing rule.  The study part varies a lot, everything from unstructured inductive bible study with lots of coloured pens and highlighters, to Christian nonfiction books, to specific bible passages.  Looks like I have a couple of weeks off while the new groups get ready to launch.

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