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Snorkellers go to the bogs.

One of the globe's craziest competitions is taking place at a bog in Powys on Monday.  The world-famous bog snorkelling competition at Llanwrtyd Wells is now in its 19th year.  The brave competitors are hoping to beat the world record of one minute and 35 seconds, which was set by Bridgend's Philip John last year.  Entrants must complete two lengths of the 60-yard trench, which is cut in the Waen Rhydd Peat bog.  Official rules state that entrants must not use conventional swimming strokes but instead rely on flipper power only.

This is the same town that gave us this story in June: History made as man beats horse.

A man has won the annual Man versus Horse race for the first time in its 25-year

history.  Crowds of spectators at Llanwrtyd Wells in mid Wales saw Huw Lobb pick up the £25,000 prize - until Saturday, one of the biggest unclaimed prizes in Britishathletics.  He completed the 22-mile course in two hours, five minutes, and 19 seconds.  Bookies William Hill had to pay out on scores of bets struck at odds of 16/1.  This year's contest had a record 500 runners and more than 40 horses and riders competing for the winning title.  The event in the tiny Welsh town attracts competitors from throughout the UK and Europe.  South Londoner Mr Lobb, 27, is an experienced marathon runner but he admitted to being "ecstatic" when he realised he had won.

You have to wonder about those Welsh, Man versus Horse and now Bog Snorkelling...

In other weirdness, someone used the feedback form on one of my websites to ask me where the feedback form was.

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