Wellies ahoy!

BBC News: Experts make robotic welly wanger.

The eccentric British sport of hurling wellington boots has been given a mechanical makeover by scientists at Aberystwyth University.  More commonly known as welly wanging, experts have built a machine capable of propelling a welly up to 262ft (80m).  A team has taken an engine from a concrete mixer and a gearbox from a Citroen 2CV and devised the robotic "wanger" for a TV programme.  The team's machine is set to compete in Channel 4's Scrapheap Challenge.  Richard Shipman, who teaches artificial intelligence, Andy Shaw, a researcher in space robotics, and computer technician Ian Izett, have built the wanger using scrap metal and discarded mechanical parts.

From the country that brought you bog snorkelling and man versus horse, now you have mechanical welly hurling.

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