Bill and the Nannygoats

First meeting of Anna's book club Monday this week, and we're starting with Reading Lolita in Tehran, a book about a book club, with study questions in the back.  It's very recursive.  The club is called Bill and the Nannygoats, for no readily apparent reason. Everyone gets to choose a book to study, I'm going third and I've already decided on Sundiver by David Brin.  There is only one other science fiction reader in the group, and Brin is one of the best sci-fi writers around.  Sundiver deals with sentient chimps, mental illness, and a murder mystery, all in a sci-fi setting.  It's one of my favourite books.

"Reading Lolita in Tehran" isn't my usual kind of book. Normally I read sci-fi, chick lit, history, business, geek, and psychology.  We have a month to read the book, then a couple of hours discussion. "Reading Lolita in Tehran" is broken up into four authors they studied, and chapters within that.  It's not in chronological order so there are lots of flashbacks.

(Just a thought:  Dell batteries made by Sony were recalled.  Apple batteries made by Sony were recalled.  Who makes the batteries in Sony laptops?  Because those haven't been recalled...)

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