(Title stolen shamelessly from Plaid Dragon)

Finished the heel on the first Owl sock and tried starting the Column of Leaves scarf.  Messed up row 1 twice, and row 2 once before  I ripped it out.  Maybe I need something simpler.  The yarn is a good sized  worsted weight, looks gorgeous knitted up, but... Maybe lace isn't right for it,  it might end up as a cabled scarf instead.

Went geocaching on Monday and found  all four caches we went after, it was a blast!  Visited three parks I've never  been to.  One of the caches had a Jeep  travel bug in, the first one we've seen in the wild!  We have to take a  picture of it on the theme of Freedom to enter the contest, and drop it in a cache  as soon as possible.

Started reading part one of John for everyone by Tom Wright,  Bishop of Durham.  The book goes through the gospel of John giving Wright's own  translation, followed by some commentary.  The intention is to translate the  entire New Testament, and it's very well done.

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