Socks, tools, and a poll

It's official, I like Opal yarn.  It doesn't split and the Owl colour is very nice, though it makes me think more of McVities Chocolate Digestive Biscuits and milk than the barn owl on the label.  It did attract a higher than average share of onlookers when I was knitting in the car showroom before Hubby turned up, but on the whole it's good yarn.

Bob arrived on Wednesday, and I love him already.  Bob is a Kromski orifice hook and he's perfect for the Louet, even matches the wood colour.  Also got a wraps-per-inch gauge from Nancy's Knit Knacks so I have more of an idea what I've spun.  That came with a nifty card explaining the WPI ranges and how to use the gauge without stretching the yarn.

Sock, yarn, and tools.

Given up on the hempathy yarn for now, but I still want a lace scarf.  I've got some beautiful wool, hemp, and mohair yarn Hubby gave me for Christmas a couple of years ago from Dzined and I'll make one with that.  The colours are gorgeous, but what pattern would do them justice? It's a worsted weight yarn, about 400 yds total (2 skeins), which pattern would you choose?  Leave me a comment, pick a scarf, or suggest a new pattern.

I know I can substitute yarn of a different weight, but would it still look good?  Also found the gorgeous Tiger Eye Lace scarf (PDF pattern) but it's for fingering weight yarn.  Maybe next time...

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