Attack of the blahs

Second Sock Syndrome has set in, and this has never happened before. Normally I like doing the second sock because it means you're more than halfway home.  But lately, I've looked at the FIL sock and picked up the leftovers blanket, or the Koigu scarf, or watched some Red Dwarf, or just sat and brushed the cat.  I did start the heel last night while Hubby was building his new computer, so the sock is officially half done.  This is the current WIP pile, all four of them:

All of the WIPs.

The Koigu scarf is temporarily on hold, but it's almost done.  The third strip of the leftovers blanket just ate the remnants of Roxanne's Tiger socks.  It's snacking on the navy Paton's Kroy from my FIL's bowknot scarf now.  If the Kroy doesn't finish the strip, I'll give it some pink Cashmerino I never used for headbands.  This blanket is like a goat, eating everything it can find.  Even previously unused balls of yarn if it can get it.  I've started buying yarn for it to protect the rest of my stash.

I'm still undecided on whether to back the blanket with some fleece. It would hide the woven-in ends, but sewing is not my strong point. What do you think?  I have a sewing machine but I'm no expert.  My parents me bought a turn-handle one  before I went to university, it's a Singer of uncertain vintage, but it works.  The panel has grapes and vine leaves engraved on it, and there's a serial number on the other side.

Old sewing machine.

I've chosen a colour for my Matthew seaman's scarf (Desert Sand, not Rose, but it's out of stock at Patternworks).  Once these socks are done, I'm taking a break.  Before I start pairs three and four of the sock marathon I'll work on the Matthew scarf (the one that looks like leaves) and the Bittersweet Mitten kit. The mittens are trying to get made.  Every time I walk into the room the yarn closet is open and I always leave it shut...

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