I have a cunning plan

BBC News: Tower's ravens are kept indoors.

The Tower of London has decided to keep its famous ravens indoors to protect them from bird flu.  Special aviaries have been created for the six birds within one of the towers of the fortress on the Thames.  Legend has it the Tower of London will collapse and the kingdom will fall if all the ravens leave.  The Tower ravens - named Branwen, Hugine, Munin, Gwyllum, Thor, and Baldrick - are said to be getting used to their new surroundings.  The Tower's Yeoman raven master, Derrick Coyle, said: "Although we don't like having to bring the Tower ravens inside, we believe it is the safest thing to do for their own protection, given the speed that the virus is moving across Europe."

There's a raven called Baldrick at the Tower, someone's got a sense of humour.  Hugine and Munin were the names of Odin's ravens (their names mean Thought and Memory).

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