Bloglines and Apple security

Bloglines isn't picking up the feed from this blog.  I've emailed them about it, checked the feeds are being produced properly, checked my server, and got the databaase issue from last night fixed.  Everything's OK on this end.  So I'm waiting for Bloglines to figure out what the problem is on their end.  You can use Mozilla Thunderbird as a feed reader, everything looks fine in there.

Someone's writing worms for Apple machines.  And there's a security flaw in the handling of file downoads.  Apple is working on a fix.  Security by obscurity only works when you're really obscure, like a Win98 laptop in a WinXP world.  Virus writers are nasty, small-minded bits of scum who want the "glory" of creating the equivalent of a twenty car pile on a major highway.  Writing for Apples only hits a small percentage of computer users, so they've been largely ignored until now.

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