And so it begins...

Make that two suicide threats, one accusation of being a power mad, unspiritual bitch, plus multiple accusations of being a cold, callous, tyrant.  Marvelous.

Where in the dictionary does it say that "reconcile" means "Give me my own way NOW, lie down and be trampled on forevermore, because I'm so spiritual and Godly, and you're just a piece of slime"?  I'd love to know where some people get their definitions from.

I've not seen the term reconcile used as anything other than a blunt object to bash people over the head with.  It was used on Soncrest BBS to the same effect I'm seeing it used on the Christian Depression Pages message boards.  And the person using it is someone who's not above threatening suicide when she doesn't get her way.  Sorry, that one stopped working on me when I was 18.

You can't have your own way all the time.  It just doesn't work like that.  We didn't set up the message boards so one or two people could turn it into a mutual appreciation society, we set it up to help people.  The world does not revolve around any one person, it revolves around the Sun.  How can people get to age 50 and still think it's OK to act like a spoilt five year old brat?  The mind boggles.

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