Going down

Start the clock, the Christian Depression Pages message boards go down March 15th.  Woohoo!  Already had one suicide threat and one accusation of being a power mad unspiritual bitch, but what the hell, you knew that already.  You didn't?  Good heavens, maybe it's not actually true.

Always, always, always keep a copy of what you actually said in case it comes back to bite you.

We'll bring the boards back after a few months, but right now we'll get some long overdue rest.  phpBB 2.0 isn't released yet, only release candidate 3.  Once it is released, we have some serious retrofitting to do, a quota system to add, colour schemes to sort out, a web site redesign (yay!), databasing the books and sayings, merging Bible studies and articles, improving the navigation, changing the graphics, maybe a fixed width design.  Lots to do on the site, and it's all been neglected to do fire fighting on the message boards.

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