Spinning FO: Moonflower BFL

The great thing about learning to spin is that each new skein is a personal best.  Spun 4oz of Blue Faced Leicester this week, my eleventh skein.  It was Moon Flower almost-solid roving from Spunky Eclectic.  This is great stuff, you could still see the crimp in the fibres when I laid it out to split into chunks, and the colour was fantastic.  My plying has got a lot better the last couple of skeins.  I love the tweedy look of the yarn.

Blue Faced Leicester skein.

It came to a whopping 224 yards when I pulled it off the niddy noddy!  That's my best by over 50 yds, and this stuff looks mostly even too.  There's a few rough spots, but I'm really proud of it.  On Wednesday I spun the first bobbin of a real treat: 50/50 merino and yak from Crown Mountain Farms, the grey one.  I've been saving this for when I was skilled enough to spin it.  I have some pure yak in my spinning box for later from the same place, also grey.  Both are wonderfully soft.  What can I make with 200 yds of handspun yarn

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