Yarn confessions

Ordered yarn from Knit Pixie on Monday night.  It was on the porch when I got home today, complete with a handwritten note on the invoice.  I'm very happy with the quick shipping and the service.  Blue Sky Alpacas Organic Cotton is as soft as kitten belly fur, I got a ball of Sage and a ball of Nut.  Sage is less green than I'd hoped, but Nut is lovely.  They're both great colours.  I also got a ball of Southwest Trading Bamboo in Tequila, to make a bag.  The bag is inspired by Lauren's bamboo bag, but I'm planning a wider base, a flap over the top with a nifty button, and some kind of shoulder strap.  If it works out, I'll post the pattern.

The Knit Picks yarn was mailed on Wednesday 20th...

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