Yak, Jacob, and a small rant

Found a great spindle box for my Tudor Rose spindle and started spinning some grey yak down.

Spindle and box.

The box is a birch wine bottle box with a leather tie, it holds the spindle and a good lump of fibre.  The yak is from Crown Mountain Farms, very soft and fluffy, but lacking in structure.  It feels similar to the camel down I just finished.

I'm also spinning undyed Jacob roving on Chorlton, my Louet S10 wheel.  It's not as soft as BFL or Merino, but it feels good.  I'm aiming for a sport weight Navajo ply with stripes of chocolate and vanilla.  It smells sheepy, there are occasional bits of vegetable matter in the roving, and I love it!  Spun a foot of each colour Thursday night to my favourite movie (Pitch Black - "You said it was clear!" "I said it looked clear."  "Well, how does it look now?" "Looks clear.").


It bugs me when people dismiss Louet wheels as only capable of thick singles and bulky yarn.  I spun fingering to lace weight 2 ply silk on it last year, and I'm easily getting light sport weight to fingering weight from it.

I like the big 6oz bobbins, the "designed by IKEA" look, and the fact that assembly was just putting in three bolts and tightening them (unlike the Ashford Kiwi, which was a jigsaw puzzle).  If someone gave me a Schacht Matchless or a Majacraft Rose, I'd take it in a heartbeat, but they're outside my budget and Chorlton spins very well.  Give Louet a chance!


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