Spring greens

Can we have spring now please?  I'm tired of sneak attacks by winter.  Tuesday dumped over six inches of snow on us in the morning alone, and I had a heart-stopping drive home.  There were three spots where the car sat spinning the wheels in snow going up minor hills.  I managed to get it moving again without getting out but it was scary.  Now all the snow is gone again!

One Vinnland sock is done.  It's a very stretchy pattern and the m1p isn't fun to do.  I've found SIX splices in the Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Solids yarn so far and I'm not enjoying knitting with it at all.  The next pair of socks I make will be for me and they will be green.  I haven't decided which of these to use, but I want it to be a good yarn without all the splices.

Spring green yarn.

Sunnyside Ellen fingering in Dancing Leaves.

Tempted Yarns in Envy.

The Alpaca Yarn Co, Paca Peds in Green Gator.

Knitting morning is tomorrow, Saturday 8th March, at Knitty Couture from 10am to 12pm.  You're welcome to join us!

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