Writing meetup

Went to the St Louis Writer's Meetup last night.  Three regulars, me, Hubby, and two other chaps.  Two Mac laptops, three PC laptops, interesting group.  Three people shared stuff they've written, I'm always nervous about doing that.  What if I'm just faking it and I can't write?  Next month we're supposed to bring something to share.

All of my writing classes were online at Writer's Village University so it's odd seeing writers face to face.  Doing online classes involves message boards, assignment feedback via email, and reading.  I keep checking the course list, but nothing's caught my eye for a while.  Last year I wrote my NaNo novel alone at lunchtimes and straight after work.  I'd never met a fellow NaNo'er before last night.

I need to get back into regular writing practice.  My creative muscles haven't been exercised much this year and they're about to get a monster workout.

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