Confessions of a sockly nature

I lied about abandoning the Tiger sock.  I took it out of its bag last night and started the heel while watching Highlander.  I needed something to do while waiting for the accountant tonight so it got worked on at lunchtime, then again after work.  I have an insulated lunch bag for portable knitting projects (and the occasional yogurt) which was a freebie from some hospital that had a table in the mall last year.  It's perfect for small projects.

Tiger Socks.

In my defense, I'm adding to the stash of yarn available for the leftovers blanket, which stalled for lack of materials and chronic boredom. And once you've done heel and toe, a toe up sock is nearly finished.  Either Rox has teeny feet, or there's a lot of yarn in the Trampoline Stretch.  Over halfway through the sock and I'm about a third of the way through the ball.  231 yards per ball seems very generous especially compared to the yardage in Mountain Colors Bearfoot (350 yards per skein). Hubby wore his Bearfoot socks for the first time this week and they came through the wash just fine.

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