Writing colours

An Onionboy prompt

Close your eyes.
With your eyes closed turn your head in some direction, wait a beat, open your eyes ...
... describe your impression(s) of the first colour that took your interest.

Cream.  The cream colour of the curtains in the study, set against the white walls and the blue plastic box on the floor.  Anticipation of the contrast between the same cream curtains and the partially repainted second bedroom, soon to become the first bedroom.  Amusement at the thought of the door to the second bedroom, which is the smallest door in the house, next to the largest door in the house that goes between first and second bedrooms.  Living in a 94 year old house with quirks and creaky floorboards and character.  We bought the house partly because it wasn't all cream walls and beige carpets, yet we put cream curtains up...

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