Word wars

If you're logged in to the NaNoWriMo site when you look at the Word count Widgets page, it displays your personalised widgets.  One of those is a Word War widget that pits you against Fatebringer.  He's a real guy, part of the St Louis region, ridiculously tall and he writes a LOT of words.

A second word war widget pits you and Fatebringer against Chris Baty, the founder of NaNoWriMo.  If you're NOT logged in and you check the widgets page, you see Hubby's word count stats instead of your own.  Fatebringer and I are very close in word count.  I'm just a teeny bit ahead and we're both leaving Chris Baty in the dust.  Fatebringer spent the whole of the Sunday write-in talking.  I had word count to make up so I wasn't very sociable.

Last weekend I got back on track with my personal word goal, passed the mid-book crisis at 30k words, and promptly lost my focus.  I skipped ahead a chapter because I know there's an easy scene to write, but I'm missing 3000 words in chapter seven.

This year I put up the opening page as an excerpt on my profile.  Now two people want to read it.  This has never happened before, I'm very flattered, and hoping my novel doesn't suck.  I have November 30th off work, it would be nice to write "The End" that day.

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