NaNoWriMo week 3

This is a longer story than I expected.  Normally I plan out a 50k novel, broken into twelve 4200 word chapters.  My chapters are anywhere from 4700 to 5300 and I haven't resorted to adding poems, song lyrics, or other obvious padding to the story.

Sorted out the problem with chapter seven, but still skipping ahead to write cool parts of chapter eight.  Found a way for Yellow Cat, our outside timeshare cat, to save a group of characters, but in the story he's currently napping in a corridor and needs to be found by the hero before he can be useful.

As a region, St Louis has doubled our NaNoWriMo donations from last year's feeble $770 to a hefty $1730 so far.  If we make it to $2000, Injun Joe will do the Happy Dance at the TGIO party, and we'll put it on You Tube.  We're having a St Louis Night of Writing Dangerously on Nov 22nd to raise more.  NanoWriMo needs $825,000 to pay for everything and do all they have planned for the non-novelling months. They've raised only $257,000 so far.

This week's "distract you with pretty pictures" shot comes from June this year, taken from the 19th floor of the courthouse on the day Paul and I were sworn in as American citizens.

Down Town St Louis.

It was a beautiful sunny day.  You can see the old courthouse in

front and to the left of the Gateway Arch.  Twenty people from fourteen countries became US citizens that day.

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