Winding down

It was all drama this weekend, Hubby was right down to the wire.  He wrote four thousand words on Saturday at the final St Charles write-in, and over ten thousand words on Sunday night to squeak over the finish line around 10pm.  I am so proud of him for hitting the 50k mark! His story is great fun to read, but it's not finished yet...

I think we're all a little brain fried.  Final regional word counts haven't been compiled yet, I'm guessing NaNoWriMo central is taking a well deserved nap and letting the servers stop whimpering.

The St Louis region lost our word wars with all but Columbia MO, but we had fun with it.  One of our number wrote over 250,000 words, personally beating the regions of Iceland, Luxembourg, and Dundee in Scotland.

Our TGIO party is on Saturday, and we earned it!  Thank Goodness It's Over.  At least, until next year...

The next writing project is to finish my 2007 NaNo novel and put it through CreateSpace to get a print copy.  I hate leaving things undone and this story has been languishing for far too long.  I knew if I didn't write the final chapter of the 2008 novel it would suffer the same fate, and I like the story too much for that.

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