When gauge attacks

Clementine's Baltic Socks betrayed me.  I was knitting with Tempted yarn, did the cuff and heel, tried it on, and it's too tight over my ankle.  Ripped it back, wound up the yarn, and it's sulking in the yarn box on time-out.  I have some Sweet Georgia yarn on time-out from last year after it made a pair of socks that were too tight.  What's a girl to do?

Yellow roses and sock.

Hubby came home yesterday with beautiful roses!  Nestled in them are the American in China socks from Knitty Spring 2008.  The yarn is Urban GypZ Twisted in the Curry with Raisins colour.  It's a sport weight hand wash yarn that really does look like a good chicken korma.  The linen stitch sole is amazingly dense.  I went down a needle size and used 50 stitches to get these to fit my foot. You knit four rows on the front and six on the sole for each repeat, and the linen stitch is relaxing, no thought required.  I hope these will be good slouch around the house socks.  I also hope that going down 8 stitches won't mess up the interesting heel.

When I went skydiving, there was a moment, perched on the edge of the open door, that I wanted to back out so much.  Then we jumped, and I was falling and screaming, and then somehow it got fun.  I'm hoping that knitting Eris is like that.  I'm perched at the door again because the yarn I ordered to make it arrived today...

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