Impending sheep fest II

Got my plane ticket, got the Friday off work, Rox has the Friday off work, and I'm going to Maryland Sheep and Wool!  The festival website has been updated with this year's logo and the mammoth vendor list.

The ones I really want to see are:

  • American Cormo Sheep Association
  • The Fold
  • Golding Ring Spindles (to say thanks for the great work on my Tudor Rose spindle)
  • Icelandic Sheep Breeders Mid-Atlantic Co-op
  • Jacob Sheep Breeder's Association (my favourite sheep breed)
  • Journey Wheel (to look at Bosworth spindles)

What are your festival favourites and must-see vendors?  I'd like to get some sheep wools I haven't used before (Polwarth, Targhee, Shetland).  It would be great to try out a Majacraft Rose spinning wheel, and this year, I want to find the sheep cheese.  Rox and I had a great time last year!

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