Got totally lost at Innsbrook, as expected, to the point that we called Dana's cell phone and asked him to come out and find us.  Innsbrook is a lovely place, very quiet, peaceful, but the roads don't go in straight lines.  That would be fine if the road signs, which are few and far between, weren't placed so that it's really hard to read them from a car (they reflect all the light back at you) and are pretty uninformative.  Should I know that villa means condo?  Especially if condo appears on a different sign elsewhere in the place, pointing in a different direction?

Signs aside, it was a good weekend.  Didn't get much sleep, but that's OK.

Wonderful moment on Sunday.  Last April Fools, David (calling him the Reverend Stark would probably make him laugh) called Carolyn's cell phone just as the teaching bit of the service was starting.  Carolyn was the first person whose phone went off mid-sermon, and David was teasing.  Never, never, never play a practical joke on someone as organised as Carolyn.  After sending out an email to a whole bunch of people, she collected cell phones, set on max volume and annoying ring tones, and hid them on the stage.  As David started the sermon, she called one.  Then an accomplice called a different phone.  Then another one went off.  David was now pacing around the stage trying to locate phones, having twigged what was going on, and that Carolyn was behind it.  And a good time was had by all.

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