Weeds 0, Home 3

I'm taking back my garden.  Three massive dandelions just got evicted, and I have an embryonic flower bed with some little plants and two different types of  seed in.  The rest of the seeds are in pots inside, they are the reserves in case the outside lot don't survive.  If the outside lot do survive, they will be part two of the flower bed, or even another flower bed on the other side of the path.

This wasn't planned, I just got given a pile of plants at church today when we went raiding the supply room for tomorrow's Earth Day event.  When I went to get potting soil, I saw some Forget Me Not seeds and some pink Alyssum seeds, and some straggly white Alyssum plants which may or may not survive the shock of being planted.  I remember Alyssum growing like a carpet and being pretty indestructible, so I have hope the seedlings will grow.

There's also a small herb garden in pots, basil, chives, thyme and parsley (the one thing my parents dog refused to let grow).  Why Americans decided herb has a silent H I don't know, sounds daft to me.  Anyway, a kitchen herb garden would be nice.  It would require some major weeding since probably 40% of the back garden is weed.  This is what happens when the previous owners leave the garden to its own devices while they rehab the house.  There is no way we will ever be able to get rid of a trumpet vine with a years head start.  A friend tried to kill hers, digging down two feet and hauling out  roots the diameter of her arm, and the thing still burrowed under the driveway, forced its way through a crack in the concrete, carried on under the drive and came out in the neighbours yard.

The napalm and concrete approach to gardening is still very attractive, but my flower bed will stay.

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