Much happiness.  Hubby gave me one of the top ten best birthday presents ever today: a year's subscription to Digital Blasphemy.  If you're going to be staring at a computer for most of the day, put something there you actually want to look at.

DB banner.

Run, do not walk, over to the free part of the site and take a look at the computer wallpaper there.  Right now, there's a tropical island picture called Atoll, and a sunny forest picture called Morning Light in the free gallery under Day Scenery, so the Canucks can look at something warm and sunny while they unfreeze.  My favourite is the picture called Haiku.

DB banner.

Don't freak out about the name of the site.  I can't find the link, but I recall reading somewhere on the site that it had to do with the ability to create and destroy digital worlds at will, which is a God-like power.

There's also a user gallery to look through, with some pretty stunning pictures made by other digital artists, many of whom have their own websites.  Wallpaper is no longer restricted to photos of babies and pets.

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