VLI Intensive weekend

The first VLI Intensive for this semester is in my living room, lectures on Johannine Literature and Theology all day Saturday and Sunday afternoon/evening.  I was planning to break the yarn diet and visit my two favourite yarn stores.  Instead, thanks to a dental mishap with some bread this lunchtime, I'll be taking Hubby to the dentist, whom I am assured is kind and gentle, in the hope that his split in half tooth can be salvaged.

Hopefully while I'm waiting I'll be able to finish Sarah's second sock (Kitchener stitch and all), then I can mail them both off to Virginia, and start my second purple sock.  I might even do the ribbing for the front of the Eternal Sweater, thus alleviating some of the ten-year-unfinished-project guilt.  Can't wait to start the Mermaid socks, Teresa's look great!  My mini Mermaids look pretty darned good but they're in Kentucky now and I'll never see them again.

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