I'm trying to resuscitate my software project, Chronicle

.  It's a Java blog publishing program, or it will be.  It was a tragic victim of the SourceForge Kiss of Death.  Fledgling software projects get registered on SourceForge with great enthusiasm, until the Kiss of Death strikes, and the project dies shortly afterwards while still in the planning or pre-alpha release stage.  I scrapped what I had, deleted the SourceForge project page, and started again from the ground up.

The SourceForge Kiss of Death is the software equivalent of the Sweater curse where a hand knitted sweater signals the end of a fledgling relationship.  Something about the level of commitment to the relationship, and time spent on the sweater, and lack of response to the result, and poof!  End of the relationship.  I dodged the bullet by not completing the sweater, and we're still happily married.

There is a superstition in St Louis that if you want to sell your house, you have to bury a statue of St Joseph upside down in the garden.  An otherwise perfectly normal CPA guy I know tried it, and his house sold pretty quickly.  I have to wonder though, if you put a statue in an already statued house, does it sell super fast?  Or not at all? What if you dig up an old one?

I could spend hours at these reference sites:

I'm wondering if other crafts/jobs/hobbies/practices have their own superstitions.  Do you know of other superstitions like the Sweater Curse? Please leave a comment and tell me!

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