Veni, Vidi, Ripati *

Now I'm a real knitter.  I was working on an umbilical cord hat for Ceci's baby girl

(Lion Brand Cotton Ease in radioactive orange) and a spotted a really loose stitch.  It

looked bad.  Several others on the same row looked bad too.  I thought about how to hide it, pulled the excess loop to the wrong side and it looked sort of OK if you were looking the other way with one eye closed, but it bugged me.  I ripped out four rows to my problem stitch, and another row for good measure.  Three hundred and sixty stitches ripped out and re-knit in the space of one lunchtime.  I've never ripped

anything before today.  I put the stitches back on the needles twisted and had to knit a twisted row to untwist them, you can't tell from looking at it.  All is now neat evenness and clean stitches.  I love these little hats.  Finished the Acorn hat last night, it's all over bar the weaving in ends and in plenty of time for nephew Joshie's birthday.

(* I came, I saw, I ripped out stitches)

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