There is wool lining up to be spun.  I aim to spin twice a week on my new wheel, and I've done reasonably well so far.

Wool to spin.

One bobbin of Sanguine Gryphon merino silk in En Avril at the back.

Merino/seacell batts from Tulle and Dye in Sun-bleached Grover.

Polwarth from Come In Spinner in Sunburnt Country.

Brown heather Babydoll Southdown from Sapphire Child.

I love getting mail from other countries.  The merino/seacell came from Canada and the Polwarth came from Australia.  I was never much of a stamp collector as a child but there's something about parcels from foreign places.  I've spun hand-carded Polwarth, so commercially prepared Polwarth will be a nice contrast.

Babydoll Southdown is new to me, the sheep are adorably small and cute with fleece all over their faces.  The roving is very springy, it feels a lot like Jacob and it smells of sheep.  Staple length is supposed to be short, it will be interesting to spin.  I'd like to try spinning Rambouillet and Falklands wools.  After I've spun up some of this...

(Getting tired of colour-correcting photos because of lack of natural daylight.  First it was snow, now it's rain, and the sky is still grey.  A friend says the frogs have to come out four times before we get spring.  They came out last night, and they'll get frozen back into the pond soon.)

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