Strange relations

Some socks are identical twins.  I've never bothered too much trying to make mine identical, I'm happy with fraternal socks.  But my current pair are only barely related, third cousins twice removed.  They're made from Fyberspates 100% BFL yarn, labelled as self striping Peach, Plum, and Ginger.  The yarn is soft and somewhat splitty, I kept having to drop a stitch to pick up a missed ply several rounds back.  I like the colouring but I wish there had been some purple on sock #1.  Winterhart found the perfect word to describe them at knitting morning on Saturday: gradient.

Gradient socks.

Finished the first sock on Sunday 8th and got the remaining yarn into an epic tangle while trying to re-wind the ball.  I remember Mum getting me and my sister to untangle yarn for her, all knotted up and twisted, it took hours.  Fixed mine while listening to a creepy story on the Pseudopod podcast.  There are three related short story podcasts, Pseudopod for horror short stories, Escape Pod for sci-fi, and Pod Castle for fantasy.  Some good authors write for them, and they're well worth listening to.

Made two false starts for sock #2 and got it on the third try.  I expect it to have two purple sections.  The pattern is Oblique Openwork from Sensational Knitted Socks, I mirrored it for sock #2.  Colour matching doesn't bother me, but pattern matching does.  Several times I've tweaked the pattern on sock #2 to be offset by a half repeat, or reversed the cable, so that it's a mirror image of sock #1.

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